This year has already taught us many lessons, but perhaps the most important is that it’s OK to slow down and reflect on what is most meaningful. Spending more time with the people we love, embracing the activities we enjoy, and simply taking a moment to appreciate life—these are just some examples of what matters. This issue of American Lifestyle offers plenty of ideas to get back to basics, like a discussion with one of the world’s premier crossword puzzle makers, a look at what life is like living in the trees, tips for falling into an autumn routine, and a pair of recipes to close out summer.

Myles Mellor knows better than anyone that pastimes of old are sometimes more enjoyable than modern ones. His foray into creating some of the most popular crossword puzzles in the world is a heartwarming journey that is sure to bring a smile to your face. (Plus, grab a pencil to test your hand at one of Myles’s puzzles!)

Remember the treehouse you wanted when you were younger? Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters fame has a knack for making treehouse dreams come true—only for adults, and at a much larger scale than any treehouse you’ve ever seen.

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