Now that July is here, the summer season is officially in full swing. The year has been full of ups and downs, giving you a lot of opportunities to be more creative with your time. This issue of American Lifestyle is full of ideas to help you make the most of the month ahead, with an upgraded family game night, farmhouse-style home makeover tips, a guide to making proper use of common household items, and two tasty summer recipes.

Family bonding has been the glue holding many households together this year, but if you’ve played enough Monopoly to last a lifetime, you’re not alone. These ideas for energizing your game night, plus tips for a backyard movie night under the stars, are here to save the day!

And if changing up the look and feel of your home has been on your to-do list, now is the perfect time to do it. Farmhouse style has grown increasingly popular in the last few years, and it’s an incredibly easy look to achieve, as this guide shows.

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